<center>''Mansion - back door''</center>\n\nThere is a grand set of french doors leading to the backyard. Through the glass, you see two great walls of green vegetation - the beginning of the labyrinth.\n\nAbove the door, written in large and gilded letters, is a message of doom and gloom. You glare at ''Pinglesby'' until he reads it out loud to you.\n\n"Ah, let's see here," he adjusts his glasses. "Ahem. It reads:\n\n<center>A chance? Ye have none.\nA hope? Ye best abandon.\nA bathroom? There is not one.\nSo Ye better go before you leave.</center>\n\n[[Begin Labyrinth|Labyrinth 1]]\n[[Back|Mansion Back Door]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<<nobr>>\n<<set $yourhealth = 10>>\n<<set $yourgold = 0>>\n<<set $yourfood = 0>>\n<<set $yourweapon = "Your Fists">>\n<<set $weapondamage = 1>>\n<<set $healthlimit to 10>>\n<<set $item1 to "empty">>\n<<set $item2 to "empty">>\n<<set $item3 to "empty">>\n<<set $item4 to "empty">>\n<<set $item5 to "empty">>\n<<set $item6 to "empty">>\n<<endnobr>>\n<center>''VELOCI-RAPTURE:\nTHE BOOK OF JURASSIS''</center>\n[img[Velocirapture]]\n<center>[[Begin|Bedroom 1]]</center>\n
You defeated the <<print ($monstername)>>!\nYou collect <<print ($monstergold)>> gold and <<print ($monsterfood)>> food off of the corpse!\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold + $monstergold>>\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + $monsterfood>>\n[[Continue|$returntopath]]
\n\n<center>Find the tasty conclusion in the sequal:\n\n''VELOCI-RAPTURE II:\nHOLY SEE ME, NOW YOU DON'T''</center>\n\n\n\n\n<center>''.END.''</center>
You defeated the <<print ($monstername)>>!\nYou collect <<print ($monstergold)>> gold and <<print ($monsterfood)>> food off of the corpse!\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold + $monstergold>>\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + $monsterfood>>\n[[Continue|$returntopath]]
<center>''Mansion - Letter''</center>\n\n''My Dearest Caroline,\n\nNothing could prepare me to have to write this letter to you. Our love was always a secret one, but I didn't care. You loved me for the monster that I am, and I loved you for the. . . \n\nthe\n\n. . . the whatever it is that you are.\n\nHow could it be that you were taken from me so soon? But fear not, my darling Caroline. By the time you receive this letter, I will be well on my way to you. You see, I figured it out - the way to heaven! It's quite simple, really. All I need is to get to the other side of that labyrinth.\n\nI've always been good at puzzles, how hard could it be? YET O what dreadful cries I hear from there this night. BUT I MUST NOT FALTER. For I will find you on the other end.\n\n. . . if only there was a goddamned map.''\n\n[[Back|Mansion Skeleton]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Library - Battle''</center>\n<<set $monsterhealth to 7>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 2>>\s\n[[The ''Archangel'' Attacks first!|Archangel Strike]]\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\nArchangel's health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>
<center>''Mansion - exterior''</center>\n\nIt's a fantastic old mansion. Its old towers leap towards the skies, it's gables are confident and classy. Its every brick and stone a testament to fabulous wealth long past.\n\n<<if $floodgate < 2>>\s\nBut its windows are an inky black, its exterior bathed in grey shadows. It seems no one has been here for a long, long time. Has this home's master abandoned it, just as God abandoned you?\n<<else>>\nLights now burst from the windows like a dancer's flirting eyes. The hum of electricity fills the air, as what once was a sad carcass of decayed decadence becomes re-newed, a fabulous baloon of wealth re-inflating.\n<<endif>>\nA wide-open front door beckons you. Taunts you? Invites you?\n . . .\n\nLures you?\n[[Go inside|Mansion 3]]\n[[Back to road|Mansion 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Mansion - foyer''</center>\n\nThe entryway is grand in that old-style of grand, where everything from the ceiling to the floortiles beneath your feet are meant to remind you exactly how much money these people have, and how little you have.\n\nIn case you were wondering, you have <<print ($yourgold)>> money. You brokeass dinosaur.\n\nThere is a grand staircase ahead of you that leads up to a landing on the second floor. To your right there is a door to the basement. Ahead of you there is another door, leading to another private room.\n\n[[Up the stairs|Mansion - library]]\n[[Straight Ahead|Mansion Back Door]]\n[[To the basement|Mansion Basement]]\n[[Outside|Mansion 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Path''</center>\n\n<<if visited("Library Final 6") < 1>>\s\n''Pinglesby'' touches your arm. "Don't you think we'd better do some research first?"\n\n[[City Center|City Center 1]]\n<<else>>\nYou might think this avenue lined with gay poplars and elms would be lovely and peaceful were you not a super carnivore. Instead you eye their aged trunks suspiciously and listen to the evil wind whispering through their branches, every leaf dripping with sinister purpose.\n\nThe sun feels nice though.\n\nJust off the path to your left you hear the sound of a stream. Straight ahead there is some sort of structure.\n\n[[City Center|City Center 1]]\n[[Stream|Stream 1]]\n[[Inspect building|Mansion 2]]\n<<endif>>\s\n\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar," you explain helpfully.\n\n"Very good, <<print ($yourname)>>, very good. Let's see, where to begin.\n\nThere is a species of ant in the Amazonian rainforest. They live in colonies, numbering in the millions, each individual barely larger than a hangnail.\n\nOne day, the monsoon season comes. And, as it does every year, the forest is flooded by the rainwater. The water rises up to the ant colony's feet, and soon they are stranded on a branch. So, they begin to do as they have always done. The ants jump in."\n\n[[Continue|Library Path A3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"And as the ants jump in the water, they swim to each other. They grab on, all the many thousands of them, clinging to one another and forming into a great big mound of ants. Light enough to float atop the rising water.\n\nYet there is one ant that will not jump in. She knows that if she is one of the unfortunate ones on the bottom of the pile, she will not be saved. She will drown, shoved beneath the water by the rest of them.\n\n"Come in!" the other ants cry to her. "We have to swim over there!"\n\n"No," she refuses. She chooses to stay on the branch, alone, even though the water is still rising.\n\n[[Continue|Library Path A4]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar."\n\n"Hmm, very interesting. Well, let me tell you a tale. It's a short one, I know you're just a dumb dinosaur, but I think it pertains to you. Just so you know, it's an allegory. Do you know what an allegory is? ALLL-EEEE-GOOOOOOOHHH-REEEEEE?"\n\n[[Sigh, it's a figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another|Library Path A2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n\nThe ''Librarian'' grows three times taller. Her simple human clothes burst into a flight of doves and are replaced by flowing robes of the purest white. In her hand she grasps a long golden spear, tipped with a divine point.\n\n"''I'M THE MOTHER FREAKING FLOOD!''" she shouts, lunging toward you, her spear flashing.\n\nCripes! The ''librarian'' just turned into a goddammned ''Archangel''!\n\nA tasty goddamned ''Archangel''.\n\n[[Let's Rock|Library Battle 1]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Library''</center>>\n<<if $takespear < 2>>\nYou leave it on the ground\n<<else>>\n<<set $yourweapon to "Holy Spear">>\s\nYour weapon is now the Holy Spear.\n<<set $weapondamage to 4>>\s\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Continue|Library Final 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>Center</center>\n"Soon the other ants float off in their great pile, leaving the ant alone. She watches the colony as it floats out of sight, and she is happy. For even though she knows she will most likely die, at least she will do so on her own terms."\n\n"Do you know who you are in that story, ''<<print ($yourname)>>''?"\n\n[[Uh, I'm going to go ahead and say I'm the ant|Library Path A5]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar?"\n\n"That's right," the librarian smiles.\n\nSuddenly she hops down off the stack of books and stands in front of you. She seems taller somehow. Her mousy brown hair seems blacker too, and what's up with her eyes? It looks like her pupils are filled with crackling blue lightning.\n\n"And do you know who I am in that story?"\n\n[[Uhh . . . |Library Path A6]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<<if $yourhealth < $healthlimit>>\s\nYUM\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood - 1>>\s\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth + 2>>\s\n<<else>>\nYou're too full.\n<<endif>>\nYour health is now <<print ($yourhealth)>>\n[[Inventory]]
<center>''Shop - Wares''</center>\n"Have a look. I'm having an 'End of the World' sale!"\n\n''Meats'' (Cures 2 health points) 2 gold each: [[Buy|Buy Meats]]\n''Rusty Sword'' (Damage: 3) 35 gold: [[Buy|Buy Rusty Sword]]\n''Dino Helmet'' (Increase health max by 5) 35 gold: [[Buy|Buy Dino Helmet]]\n''Tyrannosaurus Axe'' (Damage: 8) 65 gold: [[Buy|Buy Tyrannosaurus Axe]]\n''Sunglasses'' 5 gold: [[Buy|Buy Sunglasses]]\n''Old pipe'' (could be useful) 10 gold: [[Buy|Buy Old Pipe]]\n[[Back|Shop]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\nYour Gold:<<print ($yourgold)>>
<center>''City Center - shop''</center>\n\nYou walk into the dingy shop, ducking your massive dino shoulders beneath the doorway. There's more dust than product here, a few dirty shelves, a fridge on the fritz, and an old shopkeep in the corner.\n<<if visited() < 2>>\s\n\n"Well, hello there strangers," the old man looks up at you. "Lovely day to do some shopping. Lots of wares here, as you can see, some truly fine items. Shame about the marauders though."\n\n[[Marauders?|Shop Encounter]]\n<<else>>\n[[Inspect Wares]]\n[[Exit|City Center 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<endif>>
<center>''Battle''</center>\nYou swing your mighty <<print ($yourweapon)>>\n<<set $strike to either(1, 2, 3, 4)>>\s\n<<if $strike <= 3>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to $monsterhealth - $weapondamage>>\n<<print ($weapondamage)>> damage to <<print ($monstername)>>!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $monsterhealth <= 0>>\n[[<<print ($monsterdeath)>>!|Labyrinth Victory]]\n<<else>>\n[[The <<print ($monstername)>> prepares to strike!|Labyrinth Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<print ($monstername)>>'s health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
<center>''Main Street - fountain''</center>\nThe plaque is under water, fixed to the stone that makes up the bottom of the pool. On the plaque, there is a verse:\n\n''Dear one who to Heaven would climb,\nYe really should know it's a crime.\nGod had his say,\nso keep it that way. . .''\n\n[[. . . |Fountain 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Main Street - fountain''</center>\n''. . . You should be more careful next time!''\n\nZZZAAAAAAAAPPPPP\n\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - 2>>\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\nOUCH. That fountain just electrocuted you! With a giant roar, you reduce the offending water feature to mud and rubble.\n"I say, <<print ($yourname)>>, that was a tad excessive." Says ''Pinglesby''. "No matter, let's move on."\n[[Return|Main Street 1]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<endif>>\n
<center>''Battle''</center>\nYou swing your mighty <<print ($yourweapon)>>\n<<set $strike to either(1, 2, 3, 4)>>\s\n<<if $strike <= 3>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to $monsterhealth - $weapondamage>>\n<<print ($weapondamage)>> damage to <<print ($monstername)>>!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $monsterhealth <= 0>>\n[[<<print ($monsterdeath)>>!|Labyrinth Manticore Victory]]\n<<else>>\n[[The <<print ($monstername)>> prepares to strike!|Manticore Attacks You]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<print ($monstername)>>'s health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
<center>''Shop - Battle''</center>\nA mob of filthy marauders, driven mad with apocalyptic despair, barges through the shop's back door. They are wielding shovels, pitchforks and crude axes. They look angry.\n\nAngry, and tasty.\n<<set $monsterhealth to 5>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 1>>\s\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[Let's Rock!|Strike]]\n<<else>>\n[[The marauders attack!|Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\nMarauder's health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>
Oh no! A horse!\n<<set $returntopath to previous()>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to 7>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 3>>\s\n<<set $monstername to "horse">>\s\n<<set $monsterweapon to "horrendous hooves">>\s\n<<set $monstercry to ".whinny.">>\s\n<<set $monsterdeath to "NEEEIGH. NEIGH I SAY. NEEEIGH.">>\s\n<<set $monstergold to either(0, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15)>>\s\n<<set $monsterfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[DINO STRIKE|Mountain Strike]]\n<<else>>\n[[The horse ATTACKS|Mountain Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
Oh no! A Satan-worshipping metalhead!\n<<set $returntopath to previous()>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to 5>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 5>>\s\n<<set $monstername to "metalhead">>\s\n<<set $monsterweapon to "really loud music">>\s\n<<set $monstercry to "Technically, we're superior musicians">>\s\n<<set $monsterdeath to "YEAHOH WAIT NOOOooo">>\s\n<<set $monstergold to either(0, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15)>>\s\n<<set $monsterfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[DINO STRIKE|Mountain Strike]]\n<<else>>\n[[The metalhead ATTACKS|Mountain Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
Oh no! A church lady!\n<<set $returntopath to previous()>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to 5>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 2>>\s\n<<set $monstername to "church lady">>\s\n<<set $monsterweapon to "plasma rifle">>\s\n<<set $monstercry to "Have some salad">>\s\n<<set $monsterdeath to "GOSH">>\s\n<<set $monstergold to either(0, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15)>>\s\n<<set $monsterfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[DINO STRIKE|Mountain Strike]]\n<<else>>\n[[The church lady ATTACKS|Mountain Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
You, a badass dinosaur recently resurrected for unimportant reasons, have just discovered that you are unworthy. You are not good enough for ''HIM''. ''HE'' doesn't want you in Heaven. ''HE'' said ''NO''.\n\nBut ''GOD'' forgot one thing . . . \n\nA Dino don't take ''NO'' for an answer!\n\n[[RRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRRR|Title Screen]]
Your health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\nYour meats: <<print ($yourfood)>> <<if $yourfood >= 1>>[[Eat]]<<endif>>\nYour gold: <<print ($yourgold)>>\nYour weapon: ''<<print ($yourweapon)>>'' Damage: <<print ($weapondamage)>>\n|!Knapsack|\n|<<print ($item1)>>|<<print ($item2)>>|<<print ($item3)>>|\n|<<print ($item4)>>|<<print ($item5)>>|<<print ($item6)>>|\n[[Back|$back]]
<center>''Mansion''</center>\n"Roar?" you demand mightily.\n\n"Well, you see my old friend," ''Pinglesby'' gestures to the strange ceiling light. "It seems to me that the way it depicts that old tree, well, a tree with its branches could be a reasonable simulation of a maze, you see. Each branch is a turn in the maze. And that vine, it would seem, the way it twists and turns, well, perhaps that is showing us the path."\n\nHe squints a little more with his tiny human eyes. \n\n"Yes," he says. "Yes! That's it. It ''is'' a map! Here, I'll memorize it. No worries my friend," he taps his poppable skull, "this old gizmo is a steel trap I say - once something's in there, it never gets out. Let's see, the path would be left, left, right, left . . . "\n\n[[Back|Mansion Back Door]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\nYou follow the path to the left. It seems safe enough. The sun is shining overhead. There are birds and butterflies dancing gaily about. Why, you could get used to the labyrinth life.\n\nYou come to another fork in the road. ''Pinglesby'' thinks hard for a minute, and then says\n\n"Let's see, the next one should be . . hmm . . yes, another left!"\n\n[[Right|Labyrinth Lost 1]]\n[[Left|Labyrinth 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Main Street''</center>\nA wide street stretches before you, paved in finely chiseled stone. Elegant marble facades of great civic structures line the road, their great columns vaulting skyward with a graceful solidity.\n\nThe road curves up ahead and ends at what should be the foot of a grand mountain.\n\n<<if visited("Fountain 3")>>\nThere is nothing but a pile of rubble in the middle. A stupid stupid pile of stupid rubble.\n<<else>>\nIn the center of the road, a fountain with a central figure and a round pool. Water splashes, the only sound on what should be a busy street.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if visited() < 2>>\n''Pinglesby'' positively dances with excitement, pointing to the left. "There, I say, over there. Oooh let's go, please! Can we go?"\n<<endif>>\n<<if visited("Library Final 6")>>\nWhat was once the library is now just smoke and ruin.\n<<else>>\nTo the left is the grandest building of them all. ''City Library'' it says in large letters across its face.\n<<endif>>\n<<if visited("Fountain 3") < 1>>\s\n[[Inspect the Fountain|Fountain]]\n<<endif>>\n<<if visited("Library Final 6") < 1>>\n[[Go to the Library|Library 1]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Go to the mountain|Mountain 1]]\n[[City Center|City Center 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Labyrinth - battle''</center>\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[You strike first|You Attack Manticore]]\n<<else>>\n[[The manticore attacks!|Manticore Attacks You]]\n<<endif>>
<center>''Plains of Madness''</center>\n\n<<set $encounter to either(1, 2, 3, 4, "Mountain Encounter 1", "Mountain Encounter 2", "Mountain Encounter 3", "Gates of Heaven")>>\s\n<<if $encounter <= 4>>\nYou are crossing the plains. Mile by mile, you make significant process. But all around you, you hear the unmistakable sound of angry beasts closing in on you. You are aching to turn back.\n\n[[Keep going|Mountain 3]]\n[[Return to the city|Mountain 1]]\n<<else>>\n[[What's all this then?|$encounter]]\n<<endif>>\n
<<if $yourgold < 2>>\s\nYou don't have enough.\n<<else>>\s\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold - 2>>\s\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + 1>>\s\nIt's a deal.\n<<endif>>\n[[Keep Shopping|Inspect Wares]]
"Roar."\n"Sigh, I suppose there's no use crying on about it, is there?")
<center>''Labyrinth - battle''</center>\n\nThe manticore's great ugly head falls to the ground. You have killed it, congratulations! Does it feel good to kill something that was probably the last of its kind? It's dinos like you that make this world a little less unique, day by day. Congratu-freaking-lations.\n\nI hope the extra <<print ($monstergold)>> gold and <<print ($monsterfood)>> food you loot from its singular corpse make you feel better.\n\n"Let's get out of here ol' chap!" ''Pinglesby'' cries.\n\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold + $monstergold>>\s\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + $monsterfood>>\s\n[[Exit Labyrinth|Heaven Key 1]]
<center>''Library - Battle''</center>\nHer spear slices toward you. Gosh it looks pointy!\n<<set $monsterstrike to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<if $monsterstrike <= 2>>\s\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - $monsterdamage>>\s\n<<print ($monsterdamage)>> damage to you!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\n[[Your Turn|Strike Archangel]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\nMarauder's health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>
<<if $yourgold < 35>>\s\nYou don't have enough.\n<<else>>\s\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold - 35>>\s\n<<set $yourweapon to "Rusty Sword">>\s\n<<set $weapondamage to 3>>\s\nIt's a deal.\n<<endif>>\n[[Keep Shopping|Inspect Wares]]
<<if $yourgold < 35>>\s\nYou don't have enough.\n<<else>>\s\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold - 35>>\s\n<<set $healthlimit to $healthlimit + 5>>\s\nIt's a deal.\n<<endif>>\n[[Keep Shopping|Inspect Wares]]
<center>''City Center''</center>\n<<if visited() <2>>\s\n"Ahh, the glorious ''City Center''" exclaimes ''Pinglesby'', "it's a right good'n it is. Why, this city is as beautiful as my accent is crudely stereotypical, wouldn't you agree my lizardish friend?"\n\n"Roar", you agree.\n<<endif>>\s\nThe ''City Center'' stretches around you, a wide open square with sturdy buildings on all sides.\n\nTo the North is a broad lane, with several monumental civic-looking structures. Far beyond that, a great mountain looms.\n\nTo the West there is a tree-lined lane that dissapears beneath the foliage.\n\nJust behind you, next to the door you just exited, sits a humble one window ''Shop''.\n\n<<if visited() <2>>\s\n[[Uhhh . . . What now?|Question 1]]\n<<endif>>\s\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[West|Mansion 1]]\n[[North|Main Street 1]]\n[[Shop]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n\n\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n''Pinglesby'' shows you the charred remains of what had once been the final pages. "I'm afraid that's all we've got, old boy."\n\nHe sets his chin to the west with a steeley resolve. "Still, it's better than nothing, wot wot. Let's go west, we can get there through the City Center."\n\n[[City Center|City Center 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n\n"Roar??"\n\n"Well, I found the book we need, see here it is." ''Pingleseby'' shows you the book. He realizes that its corner is still on fire, and blows it out. The title of the book is . . \n\n . . . is . . .\n\n . . . well, dinos aren't really the reading type.\n\n"It's called <em>So you want to take down the Kingdom of Heaven? Well now you can, in three easy steps!</em>"\n\n[[That's surprisingly relevant|Library Final 5]]\n\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n"Yes, well, the ''City Library'' isn't your typical library."\n\n''Pinglesby'' opens the large and dusty book. "Let's see, it says here there really is a way to destroy Heaven. And it's not so complicated either. Well that's lucky, isn't it?"\n\nYou nod.\n\n"So, let's see. It looks like there is a key to heaven. Makes sense I suppose. Now we've got to find the key, and once we've found the key, we open the gate. Are you following? Good. Now, we open the gate to Heaven and we . . ."\n\n. . . damn"\n\n[[What now?|Library Final 6]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n"ROAR!?!"\n\n"Nothing to worry about, my friend. Just a little booby trap, that's all! Seems that someone didn't want us to find the book." ''Pinglesby'' is still running. "I'll explain more, but for now I'd like to get outside. I'm afraid I'm terribly allergic to broiling flame!!"\n\n[[Run|Library Final 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n\nYou run out of the library, your strong dino thighs carrying you in great bounds past the burning bookcases. The windows explode in a shower of molten glass, but the little drops of burning fall off of your armor like lizard skin. It's awesome to be a dinosaur.\n\nAt the last second you leap from the library's main entrance just as a huge explosion tears the building apart. The shockwave carries you out into the street before you roll to a stop. You stand up, a bit singed, but feeling cool.\n\n"By Jove that was some hot stuff, eh lad??"\n\nOh, ''Pinglesby'' survived too. Great.\n\n[[What the hell happened back there?|Library Final 4]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n"It's time to go, ''<<print $yourname>>''. ''Pingleseby'' speeds by you, clutching a book in his arms, completely ignoring the ''Librarian''.\n\nThere's a rumble from the back of the great library, and an orange glow.\n\n[[''Pingleseby''!! What did you do?!?|Library Final 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Bedroom''</center>\nThere is a knock on your dino-sized bedroom door.\n\n"Hello? Hello? I say, are you in there?"\n\nA man cautiously opens the door. He has a grey bushy moustache, a pith helmet, and an old fashioned monocle. He squints up at your massive dino frame.\n\n"Ah, good to see you up and about old chap."\n\n[["Who the hell are you?|Bedroom 2]]\n
<center>''Bedroom''</center>\n<<set $yourname to prompt("What is your name again?", "Jurrassic Mark")>>\s\n"Roar," you answer.\n\n"Ah, of course! ''<<print ($yourname)>>'', such a bold title. Good show sir." ''Pinglesby'' sits on a stool dejectedly.\n\n"Well, not much use is it now, is it? What with the pending doom of all mankind and all that. Shame you and I didn't make the team, as they say. Who would have thought, you and I, left down here with the rotters and flotsam, while my sweet sweet Caroline gets whisked away without me." ''Pinglesby'' sobs.\n\n[[There, there, it'll be okay lil' buddy.|Bedroom 4][$response to "Nice"]]\n[[Stop crying or I'll eat your face.|Bedroom 4][$response to "Mean"]]
<center>''Bedroom''</center>\n"Roar?" you demand an answer.\n\n"Who am I? I thought you would know me by now. Why, I'm the chap what dug you up. ''Lord Alto Sir Pinglesby'', sir, Director of Paleontology at the City Museum. And you, of course, you great big lizard beast from the deep. You are.\n\nYou are.\n\nErrmm. . . " He searches for an answer.\n\n"This is terribly embarrassing, but I seem to have forgotten your name. Tell me, O toothed one, what do you call yourself?"\n\n[[My name is . . . |Bedroom 3]]
<center>''Bedroom''</center>\n"Roar!" you exclaim.\n\n"Take it out? My God, you crazy dino, you mean to destroy ''Heaven'' itself?" His monocle pops out in surprise.\n\n"Roar," you confirm.\n\n"So that's it, is it?" ''Pinglesby'' says. "Typical dino attitude: if you can't get into Heaven, then no one can."\n\n"Well," he sighs, "first thing we'll have to do is get out of this bedroom. Dear me, I think I've accidentally locked us inside."\n\n[[Look around|Bedroom Explore 1]]
<center>''Bedroom''</center>\n<<if $response is "Nice">>\n<<display 'Nice Response 1'>>\n<<else>>\n<<display 'Mean Response 1'>>\n<<endif>>\n"Then what do you propose we do, Mister Teeth? It isn't as if we can just march into Heaven ourselves."\n\n[[Then we take it out.|Bedroom 5]]
<center>''Stream''</center>\n<<if $floodgate < 2>>\nA narrow stream speeds through a low depression in the forest. It pools behind a concrete floodgate, currently closed. On the far side of the floodgate, the stream's volume is diminished to a trickle.\n<<else>>\nThe stream flows fully and rapidly through the open floodgate, gushing towards the mansion.\n<<endif>>\n\n[[inspect floodgate|Floodgate 1]]\n[[Back to the road|Mansion 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
With a deafening <<print ($monstercry)>> the <<print ($monstername)>> attacks with its <<print ($monsterweapon)>>!\n<<set $monsterstrike to either(1, 2, 3, 4)>>\s\n<<if $monsterstrike <= 2>>\s\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - $monsterdamage>>\n<<print ($monsterdamage)>> damage to you!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\n[[LET'S DANCE MOFO|Labyrinth Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<print ($monstername)>>'s health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
"ROAR."\n''Pinglesby'''s eyes go wide with fear. "Alright, alright. Not the most tender sort, dinosaurs."
<center>''Plains of Madness''</center>\n\n<<set $encounter to either(1, 2, 3, 4, "Mountain Encounter 1", "Mountain Encounter 2", "Mountain Encounter 3", "Gates of Heaven")>>\s\n<<if $encounter <= 4>>\nStill you forge onward, your sense of dread increasing by the minute. Is that mountain getting farther away? How is this possible.\n\nDon't turn back. gasp . Don't turn back.\n\n"I'm tired," ''Pinglesby'' whines. Well, if food gets scarce, you could always eat him.\n\n[[Keep going|Mountain 2]]\n[[Back to the city|Mountain 1]]\n<<else>>\n[[What's all this then?|$encounter]]\n<<endif>>\n
<center>''Mansion - ceiling''</center>\n<<if $floodgate < 2>>\nIt's some sort of stained glass light fixture. But without any power, it's too dark to make out any details.\n<<else>>\nThe light is illuminated, but constantly flickering. In the few brief instances when the light is on, you can sort of make out the shape of something. A Medusa head? A stream? A tree?\n<<endif>>\n[[Back|Mansion Back Door]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Mountain''</center>\nAt the end of the main road, two massive stone pillars mark the limits of the city. Beyond, a great mountain rises to the clouds above, its stoney visage does not cow you, does not give you fear, for you are dino You are only emboldened in your vision. The Kingdome of God is so close you can taste it!\n\nBetween you and your goal lies a massive grassland. It is dry, the wind whisps through the dead grasses with a hiss. Sparks dance among the blades of grass, and fell noises howl from within.\n\n"I don't remember this being here," ''Pinglesby'' says.\n\nTo your left is a small crudely painted sign.\n\n[[Read sign|Mountain Sign]]\n[[Enter the Plains|Mountain 2]]\n[[Main Street|Main Street 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library - Battle''</center>\nThe ''Archangel'' screams and disappears in a flash of golden light. Her holy robes crumple to the floor, empty. An awesome guitar riff whails in the distance.\n\n"I say," you hear ''Pinglesby'' in the distance, his tiny human feet hurrying toward you. "I say we had better go lad!"\n[[Take her spear|Library Path A7][$takespear = 2]]\n[[Leave it|Library Path A7][$takespear = 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Gates of Heaven''</center>\n\nAt last, the base of the Mountain. A well-trod path rises up before you, but between you in that path there is the small matter of the ''GATES OF HEAVEN''. They are massive, wrought in pure gold, the rungs are spun in silver, scrollwork dances across the construction like frost on a window. Cherubim flit about the posts, and a heavenly choir hums in the air.\n\nThere are no dinosaurs in this tableu, you note with a derisive smirk.\n\n[[Open the gate|Gates of Heaven 2]]\n[[Return to the Plains of Madness|Mountain 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
The end is nigh.\n\nLast night, millions of souls suddenly vanished without warning. Their clothes left in empty piles on the floor, their cars still running, their meals left on the table uneaten. The ''LORD'' has called them back into ''HIS'' open arms, folding them into the welcoming heavens. Men, women, and children of the most righteous sort, good Christians all, finally brought back to the God whom they have most justly served.\n\nBut there were others. Those who did not get the call. Their souls were found wanting.\n\nYou were left behind.\n\n[[Next]]
<center>''Main Street - fountain''</center>\nIt's a round pool filled with shallow water, running clear and blue. In the center is a statue of a young angel, his curly looks tucked behind his ears, his cherubic smile dazzling in its pearly marble. Surrounding his feet, dozens of happy toads spit arcs of crystal water, splashing placidly into the water around them.\n\nBeneath the water there is a small plaque, just a bit too far to read. To decipher it, you'll have to climb in.\n\n[[Climb In|Fountain 2]]\n[[Return|Main Street 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
ZAAPPPP\n\nA surge of electricity runs up your wannabe handyman arm. OWWWW, dammit that hurt!\n\nAnyway, at least the fuse is tight now.\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - 2>>\s\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\s\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\n[[Back|Mansion Basement]]\n<<endif>>
<center>''Shop - Battle''</center>\n"SINNER!" the marauders cry as they launch at you, rusty farm implements rattling.\n\n<<set $monsterstrike to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)>>\s\n<<if $monsterstrike <= 3>>\s\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - $monsterdamage>>\s\n<<print ($monsterdamage)>> damage to you!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\n[[Your Turn|Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\nMarauder's health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\n<<set $encounter to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, "Labyrinth Encounter 1", "Labyrinth Encounter 2", "Labyrinth Encounter 3", "Labyrinth Encounter 4")>>\s\n<<if $encounter <= 5>>\nYou strike a bold trail until you reach another fork in the road. To your left is some road. To your right is . . . some more road. Everything is identical."\n[[Right|Labyrinth Lost 2]]\n[[Left|Labyrinth Lost 2]]\n<<else>>\n[[Uh oh|$encounter]]\n<<endif>>\n
<<if $yourgold < 10>>\s\nYou don't have enough.\n<<else>>\s\n<<set $haspipe to 2>>\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold - 10>>\nSeems kind of like a waste of money. Oh well.\n<<endif>>\n[[Keep Shopping|Inspect Wares]]
<center>''Mansion - library''</center>\n\nThe stairs open up to reveal a fantastic personal library. Leath-bound books cover the walls in all of their learny, word-filled glory. You are not so excite. ''Pinglesby'' is ecstatic.\n\n"My god!" he runs over to the bookshelves. "Would you believe someone left these behind, just to get into Heaven??"\n\nThere is a desk in the middle of the room with some papers on it.\n\n[[Inspect Desk|Mansion - library 2]]\n[[Downstairs|Mansion 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''City Center''</center>\n\n"Roar?"\n\n"The library's up thataway," ''Pinglesby'' gestures North. "If you're going to bring down ''God'', best start with a book I always say, wot wot."\n\nPinglesby rests a hand on his growling stomach. "Perhaps we should grap some kip first. Say, that small shop looks promising."\n\n[[Got it|City Center 1]]
<center>''Treasure Chest''</center>\n<<set $chestgold to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<set $chestfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\nWow, you got <<print $chestgold>> gold, and <<print $chestfood>> food, you lucky devil!\n\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold + $chestgold>>\s\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + $chestfood>>\s\n[[Continue|$lastvisited]]
<center>''Mansion - library''</center>\n\n"Roar?"\n\n"Hmm, what was that toothy?" ''Pinglesby'' asks from across the room. "Did you find anything of interest?"\n\nYou shake your massive head: nothing.\n\n[[Inspect desk drawer|Mansion - library desk]]\n[[Back|Mansion - library]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Treasure Chest''</center>\n\nThe chest is dark inside. You reach in, feeling around for what must surely be the greatest treasure ever.\n\nSNAPPP\n\nA steel trap closes around your poor fingeys! OWWWWWWWWWW\n\n3 damage to you!\n\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - 3>>\s\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\s\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\n[[Move along|$lastvisited]]\n<<endif>>
<center>''Treasure Chest''</center>\n<<set $chestgold to either(25, 50, 10)>>\s\n<<set $chestfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\nWow, you got <<print $chestgold>> gold, and <<print $chestfood>> food. MEGAHAUL!!!\n\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold + $chestgold>>\s\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + $chestfood>>\s\n[[Continue|$lastvisited]]
<center>''Gates of Heaven''</center>\n\n"No . . . it's . .\n\n\n\n''Caroline''?"\n\n\n\n\nThe light fades from ''Pinglesby'''s eyes. He dies.\n\n\n[[ . . . |Gates of Heaven 6]]
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\n<<set $encounter to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, "Labyrinth Encounter 1", "Labyrinth Encounter 2", "Labyrinth Encounter 3", "Labyrinth Encounter 4")>>\s\n<<if $encounter <= 5>>\nGASP, oh thank GOD (but not really because hey, you're out to get 'em remember?), there's the mansion again! You've found a way out of this horrendously confusing construct.\n\n[[Go inside|Mansion Back Door]]\n[[Keep going|Labyrinth Lost 1]]\n<<else>>\n[[Uh oh|$encounter]]\n<<endif>>\n
<center>''Gates of Heaven''</center>\n\n"I was just hungry before," you shout to ''Caroline'', or God, or whatever it is. "But you've made a mistake. Because now I'm angry too.\n\nA hungry and angry dinosaur."\n\n<center>[[LET'S EAT|Final]]</center>
<center>''Bedroom - door''</center>\nIt's a heavy oak door, there are some claw-marks on there from you and your clumsy dino fingers. The lock is a heavy iron imprinted with fanciful scrollwork.\n\n[[Inspect Lock|Bedroom Explore 5]]\n[[Return|Bedroom Explore 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Bedroom - door''</center>\n<<if visited() > 1>>\nThe door is smashed wide open.\n[[Continue|Bedroom Explore 6]]\n<<else>>\nYou stick your eye to the keyhole. There are a million tiny pins, carefully arranged. The bolt is strong. Yet perhaps, with the right tool, and some nimble fingers, you could pick it. Or, you could\n\n[[SMASH THE FUCKER|Bedroom Explore 6]]\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Return|Bedroom Explore 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Mansion - fusebox''</center>\nYou open the box. There is row upon row of unmarked fuses. Some blown, some missing, some vibrating with an electrical hiss.\n<<if visited("Fuse Tighten") < 1>>\nOne of them looks especially loose, though.\n[[Tighten fuse|Fuse Tighten]]\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Back|Mansion Basement]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\n<<set $encounter to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, "Labyrinth Encounter 1", "Labyrinth Encounter 2", "Labyrinth Encounter 3", "Labyrinth Encounter 4")>>\s\n<<if $encounter <= 5>>\nAfter another passage between the hedges, you find yet another fork in the road. What will you do???\n\n[[Right|Labyrinth Lost 3]]\n[[Left|Labyrinth Lost 3]]\n<<else>>\n[[Uh oh|$encounter]]\n<<endif>>\n
A stupid human!\n<<set $returntopath to previous()>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to 5>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 3>>\s\n<<set $monstername to "Stupid Man">>\s\n<<set $monsterweapon to "Flimsy Sword">>\s\n<<set $monstercry to "Hello?">>\s\n<<set $monsterdeath to "Whhhyyyyy?">>\s\n<<set $monstergold to either(0, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)>>\s\n<<set $monsterfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[DINO STRIKE|Labyrinth Strike]]\n<<else>>\n[[The stupid human stupidly ATTACKs|Labyrinth Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Bedroom - middle''</center>\nYou are in a modest dinosaur bedroom, no different than any other dinosaur bedroom you've ever been in. On one wall is the massive door, now shut. To your left is a dresser, only a little chewed. Your comfy bed is behind you.\n\n[[Inspect the Dresser|Bedroom Explore 2]]\n[[Inspect the Bed|Bedroom Explore 3]]\n[[Inspect the Door|Bedroom Explore 4]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Bedroom - dresser''</center>\n\nIt's a stunning 1940's modern gold leaf and lacquer 3 drawer dresser in the style of Kittinger, this piece is in good vintage condition with normal wear due to age and use. \n<<if visited() > 1>>\nIt's empty.\n<<else>>\nYou open the top drawer - there are two ''Meats'' inside. Nice! You must have been storing them for later.\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + 2>>\s\n<<endif>>\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Return|Bedroom Explore 1]]\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Bedroom - bed''</center>\nIt's an antique cherry-flamed poster bed, probably Victorian, very expensive. You crush it to splinters under your weight as you lay down for a quick nap.\n\nZZZZzzzz.\n\nNice!\n[[Return|Bedroom Explore 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Shop - Battle''</center>\nThe marauders lay slain in a pile at your clawed feet. ''Pinglesby'' crawls out from behind a barrel.\n\n"Well, we showed them what for, didn't we lad! And hey, look at that!"\n\nYou collected 50 ''gold'' and 5 ''meats'' off of the corpse!\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold + 50>>\n<<set $yourfood to $yourfood + 5>>\n[[Continue|Shop]]
<center>''AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH</center>\nYou've gone extinct!\n<<set $yourhealth to 5>>\s\n[[ARISE!|City Center 1]]
<<if $yourgold < 5>>\s\nYou don't have enough.\n<<else>>\s\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold - 5>>\s\nAwwwwwwwwwwww yeaah. You are a dinosaur in sunglasses. There is literally nothing cooler than that.\n\n"DAMN DUDE" says ''Pinglesby'', "That is super fly. You look super fly, I say. Super fly indeed."\n<<endif>>\n[[Keep Shopping|Inspect Wares]]
Gold = $yourgold\nFood = $yourfood\nHealth = $yourhealth\nWeapon = $weaponname\nWeapon damage = $weapondamage\nName = $yourname\nitem 1 = $item1\nitem 2 = $item2\nitem 3 = $item3\nitem 4 = $item4\nitem 5 = $item5\nitem 6 = $item6
<center>''Tinker''</center>\n<<if visited() < 2>>\n"Alright then."" The child takes the broken music box from your hands and starts bending wires and cutting squares of metal. He hammers in bits here and there, twists wires into new shapes, and finally presents you with the new piece. It looks like new. He spins the handle to demonstrate.\n\nIt sounds.\n\nIt sounds.\n\n"Good grits that's awful!" shouts ''Pinglesby'', clutching his ears.\n\nYou take the music box.\n<<else>>\nI've already fixed that.\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Back|Heaven Key 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Tinker''</center>\n\n"Alright then, maybe next time." The boy goes back to work.\n\n[[Back|Heaven Key 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Mountain - sign''</center>\n\n''Pinglesby'' reads the sign aloud, with appropriate emphasis.\n\n"ahem"\n\n''In case you were wondering - yes, that mountain is the way to heaven. Yet beware, for twixt you and the mountaintop lie the PLAINS of MADNESS. Do not enter if ye are unprepared lest ye want to be feasted upon by the thousand thousand wicked souls that dwell therein. For thine flesh is nummy, and they hath not et for what feeleth like hours.\n\nExcept you, sweet Caroline. You may come and go as you please. Smooches!''\n\n[[Back|Mountain 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Mansion''</center>\nThe skeleton lies crumpled against one wall. But it's not the skeleton of a man! Why, it's a dinosaur, just like YOU, ''<<print ($yourname)>>''! It has a long, proud jaw, with sharp gorgeous teeth. Its arms, stubby and useless yet beautiful at the same time. Its legbones, thick as the mighty Amazon, remind you that dinos are truly the greatest of all of beings living and dead.\n\nThe dinosaur is clutching a letter in its boney hand.\n\n[[Read Letter|Mansion Skeleton 1]]\n[[Back|Mansion Back Door]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\nAnother fork in the road. Another choice. Life is but an endless series of choices, it seems. Yet "choice" feels misleading to you, at this moment, an illusion for fools and deadmen. For what is "choice" when we are but confined to these flesh prisons, these impenetrable walls of reality that are always closing in? We mortals are but drops of water, doomed to flow between two banks of an endless stream of misery, no hope of escape. Still we must flow, ceaselessly, endlessly, forever into the-\n\n"Uhh, I think it's right," ''Pinglesby'' says.\n\n[[Right|Labyrinth 4]]\n[[Left|Labyrinth Lost 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\nThe great walls of the hedge tower above either side of you. The maze stretches out before you. You know not what lurks on the other side of these bushes, but you don't relish the idea of finding out.\n\nThere is a fork in the path. Right, or left?\n\n<<if visited("Mansion Ceiling Light 2") < 1>>\n"Well, which is it?" ''Pinglesby'' asks.\n\nYou shrug. This walking snack is starting to get on your nerves.\n\n[[Right|Labyrinth Lost 1]]\n[[Left|Labyrinth Lost 1]]\n<<else>>\n"Let's see," ''Pinglesby'' says. "According to the supposed map, we are supposed to go left."\n\n[[Right|Labyrinth Lost 1]]\n[[Left|Labyrinth 2]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Back|Mansion Back Door]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth - battle''</center>\n\n"Good GOD!" ''Pinglesby'' exclaims. "It has the body of a red lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth (like a shark), sometimes bat wings, and a trumpet-like voice. It may be horned, winged, or both. The tail is that of either a dragon or a scorpion, and it may shoot poisonous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims. It devours its prey whole and leaves no clothes, bones, or possessions of the prey behind. WHAT EVER COULD IT BE?"\n\n[[I think it's a manticore|Labyrinth 7]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth - battle''</center>\n"Roar."\n\n"No, no, that's not it." ''Pinglesby'' so dumb.\n\nThat manticore is now standing between you and the end of the maze. What's next, chief?\n\n<<set $monsterhealth to 12>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 4>>\s\n<<set $monstername to "Manticore">>\s\n<<set $monsterweapon to "Poisonous Spines">>\s\n<<set $monstercry to "meow.">>\s\n<<set $monsterdeath to "No. .. No . . . Oh God no! WHY?">>\s\n<<set $monstergold to either(10, 20, 30)>>\s\n<<set $monsterfood to either(0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15)>>\s\n[[Let's do this|Labyrinth Manticore Battle]]\n
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\nYet another turn. You are getting very frustrated now.\n\n"Ah!" ''Pinglesby'' starts confidently.\n\n"Oh."\n\n"Hmmmmmm." He scratches his head. "Perhaps I should have written this down."\n\n"Uhhhhhh. . . I think we should go . . . . . . . .\n\n . . . . left?"\n\n[[Right|Labyrinth 5]]\n[[Left|Labyrinth 5]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n\nWhat is that toward the end? Is that the end of the maze? Have you done it!\n\n"haha my boy, I told you we could do it!" ''Pinglesby'' shouts. You both run to the stone archway which surely marks the end of the labyrinth. You leap with joy, tears - huge dinosaurish tears - run down your happy face. Huzzah! Huzzah!\n\n<<if visited("Labyrinth Manticore Victory" < 1>>\n"meow."\n\nWhat was that? You turn around slowly.\n\n[[Oh no|Labyrinth 6]]\n<<else>>\n[[Step on through|Heaven Key 2]]\n<<endif>>\s\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>Library</center>\n"Oh," she looks disappointed. "Well great traveler, if you do see my sweet ''Caroline'' on whatever deadly path you may find yourself on, will you be so kind as to do me a favor?"\n\n[[Sigh, what is it?|Library Path B4]]\n\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar?" You ask?\n\nThe ''Librarian'' sobs some more. "''Caroline!!!''" she wails. "Never has a more graceful creature walked this earth. Never again shall I know her beautiful hair, the sweet taste of her kisses. Whyyy??" \n\nSuddenly she stops.\n\n"Why," she wipes her nose. "Have you seen her? Tell me you've seen her!"\n\n[[No, I just heard someone else talk about her, that's all|Library Path B3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar."\n\n"Not interested?" the mousey haired woman asks. "Not interested? Don't you care that we were left down here to rot?"\n\nNow great big tears well up from behind her huge glasses. The drip to the floor with a splash. "I'm a good person, you know?" she sniffs. "And then I wake up one day and my sweet ''Caroline'' has gone, disappeared with the rest of them. Why, it's, it's, it's enough to ake a grown woman cry!" She sobs, tears now puddling on the floor at your feet.\n\n[[Lady I don't have time for this!|Library Path C1]]\n[[You know Caroline too?|Library Path B2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n<<if visited() < 2>>\n<<set $item1 to "Silver Ring">>\n"Oh thank you, you are such a sweet heart. And just so you know how much I appreciate you, here have some money. And a lollipop!"\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold + 20>>\nYou Got 20 gold!\n*CRUNCH* That lolli was delicious!\n<<endif>>\n"I say," you hear ''Pinglesby'' in the distance, his tiny human feet hurrying toward you. "I say we had better go lad!"\n\n[[Already?|Library Final 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library''</center>\n\n"Will you give her this humble token of my affection?"\n\nThe ''Librarian'' holds out a small ''silver ring''. It's pathetically simple and small, surely a gift only a dumb human could treasure.\n\n"Please?"\n[[Sorry lady, di-NO can do|Library Path C1]]\n[[UUUuuuuggghhhhhhh, FINE.|Library Path B5]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Gates of Heaven''</center>\n\n"Well, this is it old boy," ''Pinglesby'' ruminates. "We've come a long way, you and I. When we first started out, who would have thought that we'd actually make it this far. Imagine that, me, a wee archaeologist with a fake accent, out to destroy Heaven with my best friend a dinosaur."\n\nYou grunt agreeably. You are getting sentimental this late in the game.\n\nThe two of you march up the path, hand in claw. ''Pinglesby'' looks at you fondly: "Good luck, my fri-GURKH!"\n\nSuddenly ''Pinglesby'''s chest is pierced by a bolt of blue lightning.\n\n[[''PINGLESBY'' NOOOOO|Gates of Heaven 4]]
With a deafening <<print ($monstercry)>> the <<print ($monstername)>> attacks with its <<print ($monsterweapon)>>!\n<<set $monsterstrike to either(1, 2, 3, 4)>>\s\n<<if $monsterstrike <= 2>>\s\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - $monsterdamage>>\n<<print ($monsterdamage)>> damage to you!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\n[[LET'S DANCE MOFO|Mountain Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<print ($monstername)>>'s health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
<center>''Gates of Heaven''</center>\n\n<<if visited("Heaven Key 4") > 0>>\nClick. The gates swing slowly open before you. The path lies ahead. At last, a clear line between you and the God who betrayed you.\n\n[[Let's pay him a visit|Gates of Heaven 3]]\n<<else>>\nTHUD.\n\nYou bounce off of the gates like a rubber ball. You look like an idiot. Look at the giant lock on the gate. Obviously you need the key.\n<<endif>>\n[[Return to the Plains of Madness|Mountain 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Library - Battle''</center>\nWith all your might you swing your <<print ($yourweapon)>>\n<<set $strike to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<if $strike <= 3>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to $monsterhealth - $weapondamage>>\s\n<<print ($weapondamage)>> damage to that fuddy old librarian!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $monsterhealth <= 0>>\n[[SSSShhhhhhhhhhh!|Archangel Victory]]\n<<else>>\n[[Here she comes!|Archangel Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\nArchangel's health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
<center>''Shop - Battle''</center>\nYou let your fists fly, your claws slicing, your gnashing teeth . . . gnashing.\n<<set $strike to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<if $strike <= 4>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to $monsterhealth - $weapondamage>>\s\n<<print ($weapondamage)>> damage to the marauding gang!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $monsterhealth <= 0>>\n[[Nooooooo!|Victory]]\n<<else>>\n[[Here they come!|Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\nMarauder's health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
<center>''Mansion - library''</center>\n\nThe letter is written in a flowing cursive script. You're a dino, so you're no good at reading, but you'll do your best:\n\n//To my Dearest Flower:\n\nI write to you on the eve of something great and terrible. I know not what will happen tonight, and I fear I will not see y ou again in this lifetime. Oh forgive me, my sweet sweet kumquat, my lil' cutie, my little chocolate mint chip of beauty.\n\nEre I part into this mysterious horizon, I must pass on something to you. In the drawer to this desk, I have left a gift for you. Forgive its humbleness, but I couldn't help but think of you when I found it.\n\nI hear them now outside the gates. Gabriel's horn is sounding, I must flee. We will meet again my darling, I swear it!\n\nI love you, my sweet Caroline.\n\n\np.s. About the labryinth: DON'T GO IN THE LABRYINTH ~ //\n\n[[Caroline?|Mansion - library letter 2]]\n[[Back|Mansion - library 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Gates of Heaven''</center>\n\n"ROOOAAAAAR!" you grab the fallen man in your tiny and hilarious dino arms. In front of you, a frothing cloud of white smoke had appeared. It flashes and thunders with ferocity.\n\nA voice booms from the conflagration.\n\nHOW. DARE. YOUUU.\n\nyou think you see a face in the mist.\n\n"I . . . I" ''Pinglesby'' says weekly. "I know that face."\n\n[[Is it GOD?|Gates of Heaven 5]]
<center>''Labyrinth - end''</center>\nYou step over the dumb manticore's corpse. The vegetal walls on each side of you terminate in large stone archway. Over the arch, inscribed with a heavy chisel, are these ominous words:\n\n<center>It's the end. You did it. Yay.</center>\n\n"Well," ''Pinglesby'' says, "let's see what's next."\n\n[[Step through archway|Heaven Key 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Open glade''</center>\n\nIt is an open glade covered in a fine coat of green grass. The sun shines down, warming everything in its gay embrace. A pleasant aroma fills the air, wafting in from the wildflowers that spot the scene.\n\nIn the center is the stem of a single plant rising high. Off to the side of the glade, a small child sits on a humble canvas mat, he is fiddling with something with his hands.\n\nSomehow you can see the mansion again to the left - there is a door that looks like it leads right back into the main foyer. Crazy! Be careful though, there are no doorknobs on the other side - once you go through, you won't be able to return that way. \n\n[[Go to plant|Heaven Key 3]]\n[[Go to child|Heaven Tinker]]\n[[Go to mansion|Mansion 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Plant''</center>\n\nIt's a single green stalk that rises up to your shoulders. It's leaves are broad and silky, and at the top there is one bud for a flower.\n\n"Perhaps if we had some sort of stimulus to make it grow," ''Pinglesby'' says. "They say flowers have senses just like you and I - taste, sight, smell, hearing . . . "\n\n<<if visited("Heaven Tinker 3") > 0>>\s\n[[Play music box|Heaven Key 4]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Back|Heaven Key 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Plant''</center>\nYou grab the dainty music box handle in your meaty fingers and twirl it. A clashing sound of dischordant notes streams forth, an indescribable song the likes of which you hope to never hear again.\n<<if visited() < 2>>\s\n\nSuddenly, the plant stalk shivers with lif. Slowly, the bud expands into a blossom of delicate petals. Its colors are all of the colors. It shimmers with a holy radiance. As it blossoms, you notice a single golden key perched in the middle of the flower. Save for its appearance, it is entirely unremarkable.\n\n"It's the key! The key to heaven! We've found it at last!" you glare at ''Pinglesby'''s presumption. "Or, rather, you found it. You found it at last!"\n\n[[Take the key|Heaven Key 2]]\n<<else>>\nThe flower is empty.\n<<endif>>\s\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Mansion - library</center>\n\nThe ancient desk is spattered in ink. Papers are strewn about with mad scribblings on them. There is one handwritten page resting on the top of the rest that catches your eye.\n\n[[Read letter|Mansion - library letter]]\n[[Back|Mansion - library]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Mansion - basement''</center>\n\n<<if $floodgate < 2>>\nIt's too dark to see in here. You're a dinosaur, not a damned owl.\n<<else>>\nThe basement is damp and crowded with old boxes, flotsam, and junk. Piles of furniture stacked upon piles of discarded materials.\n\nOn the back wall there's a metal fuse box.\n\n[[Inspect Fusebox|Mansion Fusebox]]\n<<endif>>\s\n[[back|Mansion 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
With a deafening <<print ($monstercry)>> the <<print ($monstername)>> attacks with its <<print ($monsterweapon)>>!\n<<set $monsterstrike to either(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<if $monsterstrike <= 3>>\s\n<<set $yourhealth to $yourhealth - $monsterdamage>>\n<<print ($monsterdamage)>> damage to you!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $yourhealth <= 0>>\n[[ACK!|Defeat]]\n<<else>>\n[[LET'S DANCE MOFO|You Attack Manticore]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<print ($monstername)>>'s health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
<center>''Mansion - library''</center>\n\n<<if visited() < 2>>\s\nYou pull open the desk drawer. Inside is a humble music box. It's lid fell off, and the mechanism is broken. You wonder what tune it once played.\n<<set $item3 to "Music Box">>\s\n<<else>>\s\nIt's empty.\n<<endif>>\s\n\n[[Back|Mansion - library]]
<center>''Library''</center>\n"Oh. Okay." With a puff of smoke she disappears. Weird.\n\n"I say," you hear ''Pinglesby'' in the distance, his tiny human feet hurrying toward you. "I say we had better go lad!"\n\n[[Already?|Library Final 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Bedroom - exit''</center>\n<<if visited() < 2>>\s\nBOOM. The door crumbles beneath your mighty dino stomp. You march through the door, ''Pinglesby'' coughing stumbling after you.\n\n"I say," he says, "that was rather inelegant."\n\n"Roar," you say, dismissively.\n<<endif>>\n"Well, the city center is just up ahead. What say we begin our adventure, eh?" With a sly wink, the old fool marches off.\n\n[[Follow|City Center 1]]\n[[Return|Bedroom Explore 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Tinker''</center>\n\nThe child sits on a dirty canvas mat, surrounded by small hand tools - picks, snips, files. Little scraps of metal litter the place. In his hands he is molding a delicate flower from the scraps of tin. he looks up at you.\n\n"Hello ''<<print ($yourname)>>''", he says. "Do you have anything I can fix for you?"\n\n[[Not right now|Heaven Tinker 2]]\n<<if visited("Mansion - library desk") > 0>>\s\n[[How about this music box?|Heaven Tinker 3]]\n<<endif>>\s\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Labyrinth''</center>\n<<set $returntopath to previous()>>\s\nOH Look, a treasure chest!!!\n<<set $treasure to "Treasure 1", "Treasure 2", "Treasure 3">>\n[[Open it! YEAH|$treasure]]\n[[Leave it|$lastvisited]]\n
<center>''Floodgate''</center>\n<<if $floodgate < 2>>\s\n<<set $floodgate to 2>>\nThe ancient gears creak to life. The concrete gate swings open, inch by inch, thanks to your amazing dino effort. WATER BE FREEEEEE.\n<<else>>\n<<set $floodgate to 0>>\nWith every inch of your strength you force the gates closed, strangling the water with your whims.\n<<endif>>\n[[Back|Stream 1]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Floodgate''</center>\n\nThe gate opens and closes by a series of rusty iron gears. There is a pole coming up from one of the gears, it has a brace at the top that looks like it's meant for some sort of cross-piece. Some sort of Pipe, perhaps?\n\n<<if $haspipe > 1>>\nHey! That old pipe is a perfect fit. The floodgate now has a lever.\n[[Push the lever|Floodgate 2]]\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Back|Stream 1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
A big ogre!\n<<set $returntopath to previous()>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to 3>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 5>>\s\n<<set $monstername to "Ogre">>\s\n<<set $monsterweapon to "Bone Club">>\s\n<<set $monstercry to "Mrrrgh">>\s\n<<set $monsterdeath to "Yeeaaaargh">>\s\n<<set $monstergold to either(0, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)>>\s\n<<set $monsterfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[DINO STRIKE|Labyrinth Strike]]\n<<else>>\n[[The ogre ATTACKS|Labyrinth Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Mansion''</center>\nIt's a grand room with great big windows on all sides. There is some furniture here, a few chairs and a comfy couch. This was a parlor once, great celebrations were held for some rich humans with extremely good taste. . . good . taste. human taste good.\n\nAnyway.\n\nThe back door is on the far wall. There's something going on in the ceiling too. And to your left. Woah! a skeleton!\n\n[[Inspect back door|Mansion Back Door 1]]\n<<if visited("Fuse Tighten") < 1>>\s\n[[Inspect Ceiling|Mansion Ceiling]]\n<<else>>\n[[Inspect Ceiling|Mansion Ceiling Light]]\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Inspect Skeleton|Mansion Skeleton]]\n[[Foyer|Mansion 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
A swarm of bees!\n<<set $returntopath to previous()>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to 10>>\s\n<<set $monsterdamage to 1>>\s\n<<set $monstername to "BEES">>\s\n<<set $monsterweapon to "STINGERS">>\s\n<<set $monstercry to "BZZZZZ">>\s\n<<set $monsterdeath to "Bzzzargh">>\s\n<<set $monstergold to either(0, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15)>>\s\n<<set $monsterfood to either(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)>>\s\n<<set $surprise to either (1, 2, 3)>>\s\n<<if $surprise = 1>>\s\n[[DINO STRIKE|Labyrinth Strike]]\n<<else>>\n[[The bees ATTACK|Labyrinth Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>
<center>''Battle''</center>\nYou swing your mighty <<print ($yourweapon)>>\n<<set $strike to either(1, 2, 3, 4)>>\s\n<<if $strike <= 3>>\s\n<<set $monsterhealth to $monsterhealth - $weapondamage>>\n<<print ($weapondamage)>> damage to <<print ($monstername)>>!\n<<else>>\nWHIFF.\n<<endif>>\n<<if $monsterhealth <= 0>>\n[[<<print ($monsterdeath)>>!|Mountain Victory]]\n<<else>>\n[[The <<print ($monstername)>> prepares to strike!|Mountain Monster Strike]]\n<<endif>>\nYour health: <<print ($yourhealth)>>\n<<print ($monstername)>>'s health: <<print ($monsterhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\nYou and Pinglesby walk up the grand steps and through the heavy front door. Inside is a wide study hall. Tall windows bring in the daylight, filtering through centuries of book dust, before spilling it across the weathered and learned floor.\n\nThere are rows of empty oak tables and chairs, each with a green lamp and a row of unused inkwells.\n\nAnd everywhere else, in any open space, in corners, along the walls reaching up to the ceiling, are books. Stacks upon stacks, shelf upon shelf. The total collection is vast, endless, creaking.\n\nYou're already bored. Dinos aren't the book-learnin' type.\n\n''Pinglesby'' inhales deeply. "Ahh, the sweet smell of knowledge. Better than coffee I say, isn't that right mate?" He jumps up and slaps you on your prehistoric lizard shoulder. His hand is puny.\n\n[[I CAN'T WAIT TO READ ALL THESE BOOKS|Library 2][$response = 1]]\n[[Why haven't I eaten you yet?|Library 2][$response = 2]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n<<if $response < 2>>\n"Me too, my lad, me too. No offense though, but I'm a bit of a stronger reader than you. Perhaps I might skip off on my own and do the research, and leave you to your . . . ermm. . . other interests?"\n<<else>>\n"Ha ha ha," ''Pinglesby'' laughs. "Yes, quite the dry sense of humor you have, ''<<print ($yourname)>>''. "I am quite keen to come up with our plan here. Perhaps I might skip off on my own and do the research, and leave you to your . . . ermm. . . other interests?"\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Fine|Library 3]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar."\n\n"Very good then. Tootles" ''Pinglesby'' skips off into the dusty, booklined corridors.\n\nWell, you're alone now. You lumber along through the endless stacks of books, your huge feet crushing dino prints into the well-worn tiles. "Where is everybody?" you think. This city used to be bustling, packed to the roof with tasty little peoples. Surely they weren't all rapture-worthy?\n\n"Ahem . . . " a small voice from behind you.\n\n[[What the?|Library 4]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar?" You turn your great head. Standing behind you, atop of an especially tall stack of tottering books, a small woman is sitting.\n\n"Ahem," she coughs again. Her glasses are as large and thick as she is small. She waves.\n\n"Hello, <<print ($yourname)>>".\n\n[[Who the hell are you?|Library 5]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"Roar!?" you demand.\n\n"He he he," she laughs loudly, clutching her knees with her small wrinkly hands. "I'm the ''Librarian'' of course," she says, "I know everyone. It's all in these books." She gestures around her. "Your friend ''Pinglesby'' too, of course. Why, he's even written several of these books. Yes, yes, a very dull author indeed. Always talking about dinosaurs, so focused on the past that he can't even see what's happening in the present."\n\nSuddenly she glares at you intensely. "You, of course, don't belong here at all."\n\n. . . \n\n"Prehistory belongs on the second floor, aisle three. He he he" she breaks into more laughter.\n\n[[I'm going to eat you, lady|Library 6]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>Library</center>\n"ROAR!" you lunge for her throat, but your stupid tail gets caught in a book cart, tripping you up. You fall flat on your face, sprawling at her feet. You like an idiot. A big dumb idiot.\n\nShe stops laughing. "Do you even want to know why you were left behind? Why ''God'' forbade you from his heavenly kingdom?"\n\n[[I'm not interested|Library Path B1]]\n[[Please, I have to know|Library Path A1]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<center>''Mansion - ceiling''</center>\nThe light illuminates the stained glass beautifully. Fabulous green and brown panels sing out with color. It depicts a massive oak tree. A thick trunk starts from some green grass and rises to the blue sky before splitting into a thousand different branch. Each branch splits into another branch. There is a crown of leaves across the entire picture.\n\nStarting at the base of the trunk, a single green vine wraps up to the first branch, follows it to the next split, then wraps around that branch, all the way to the end.\n\n<<if visited("Mansion Ceiling Light 2") < 2>>\n"Hmmmmmmmmmm," ''Pinglesby'' seems contemplative.\n[["What is it?"|Mansion Ceiling Light 2]]\n<<endif>>\s\n[[Back|Mansion Back Door]]\n<<set $back to passage()>>\s\n[[Inventory]]\nYour health:<<print ($yourhealth)>>\n
<<if $yourgold < 65>>\s\nYou don't have enough.\n<<else>>\s\n<<set $yourgold to $yourgold - 65>>\s\n<<set $yourweapon to "Tyrannosaurus Axe">>\s\n<<set $weapondamage to 8>>\s\nIt's a deal.\n<<endif>>\n[[Keep Shopping|Inspect Wares]]